Optimized operation of CNC machine.

The flexibility of the production line and the economic research in the definition of the machining process take more sense in the current context where volumes are volatile and hard competition.

The CN-PROJECT rotary table allows, on a standard 4-axis machine, to eliminate a machining operation by rotating the fixtures/settings.

Instead of a 4-axis fixture, the CN PROJECT rotary table system enables:

  • Produce a part with 5 faces to be machined in only one setting
  • Facilitate the integration of the system: the system includes a hydraulic kit adapted to the existing machine
  • Adapt to any volume changes, by changing the satellites (setting) to switch to another production of the same type
  • Do not have to specialize a machine for 5-axis applications but keep the possibility of quickly reverting to a 4-axis fixture with through-pass machining
  • Automate loading / unloading: each satellite axis incorporates a rotating joint supplying the setting with hydraulic clamping and air-sensor

The CN PROJECT rotary table optimizes the volume available in the machine. Available on request, it can be proposed in two or three settings and two versions:

  • The "standard" version will allow the machining of aluminum parts or small volume parts
  • The “heavy” version will allow much greater effort to be absorbed

These tables are adapted to your machines and your products, do not hesitate to contact us !!